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Professional and Caring Psychologist

Principal Psychologist and Occupational Rehabilition Consultant

Crystal is a registered psychologist and the practice owner of Crystal Clear Psychology Solutions. Crystal is passionate about helping people to feel happier and healthier, and live life to their full potential. Crystal has conducted specialised servicing of clients, this has included recognising a client’s mental health concerns and identifying barriers to recovery, providing evidence-based psychological interventions, career advice and guidance, mental health management and mental health first aid, and suicide intervention and prevention.


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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Sun Tzu

Supportive and Understanding Psychologist

Sarah King


Sarah is a registered Psychologist and has a passion for helping people improve their mental wellbeing. Sarah’s approach is gentle, collaborative and non-judgemental and as your psychologist, she will support you with the psychological tools and strategies to work through life’s challenges and improve your overall wellbeing. Sarah utilises a number of evidence-based approaches knowing that each person has their unique needs, therefore tailoring therapeutic interventions to suit your goals. Sarah has a post-graduate degree in organisational psychology and experience as a workplace psychologist, thus can also help to support you with work related stress management and career guidance. Sarah has a strong passion for working with women and their families to support them through the perinatal period.

BPsychSci, PGDipPsych, MOrgPsych

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Committed to helping clients succeed

Nikita Haskins

Provisional Psychologist

Nikita’s ongoing fascination with human behaviour and complex personalities has led her to complete a double major in Clinical and Organisational Psychology in 2013. Since then, Nikita has gained extensive knowledge and practical experience in various fields throughout her career. Nikita is dedicated to exploring every aspect of each individual clients’ needs and collaboratively formulating strategies, incorporating the required skills to meet those needs in order for our clients to reach their end goals and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. Nikita has experience dealing with complex individuals, with special needs, from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, in both organisational as well as clinical settings.

Nikita has completed certificates in Pilates and Clinical-Hypno-Psychotherapy. Nikita has adopted a more holistic approach to therapy in recent years, by deeper exploring the connection between mental and physical health and wellness. Nikita aims to utilize her skills, knowledge, and experience to help clients change their world by starting with their perspectives.

B.Soc.Sci-Clin.&Org.Psych, FC-Clin.Hypno-Psych.

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Samantha Madden


Friendly      Caring      Helpful      Skilled

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